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Parsnip Peas Duck

Meals in trays - Parsnip Peas Duck - Babybio
Meals in trays - Parsnip Peas Duck - Babybio

Meals for older babies!

Baby is growing. The Babybio Tray Meals were created for infants aged 12 or 15 months onwards: small pieces to teach them to chew, portions calculated on the basis of their nutritional needs, new flavours... and all on a tray to encourage baby to eat all by himself!

avantage Babybio No added salt

avantage Babybio Without milk

avantage Babybio No gluten

avantage Babybio No fillers

avantage Babybio Steam cooking

Tray of 260g.

  • vegetables* (parsnip from France*, peas* from Spain, potatoes* from France, carrots* from France, onions* from Spain)
  • cooking water
  • meat of farm duck leg from France*
  • vegetable oils* (rapeseed*, sunflower*)
  • rosemary from France*

* Organically grown ingredients.

Use advice

Do not place in a traditional oven.
In boiling water: place the tray in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Cool down with cold water, wait a few moments and remove the seal.
If you use a quicker preparation method: make a few holes in the seal. Heat in medium power for about 1 minute.
Stir well. Always check temperature before serving. Do not add salt.

Babybio’s guarantees

Babybio carefully selects the origin of each ingredients and chooses whenever possible local producers (France or the Western Europe).
The origins indicated on the products may change due to our requirements in the choice of producers and the difficulties in the supply of organic raw materials.
Steam-cooking is a food preparation method that conserves vitamins and minerals and maintains food's natural flavour and colour.
 See our commitments on products quality.

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