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Our answers about your questions on nutrition during pregnancy.

>> How many daily meals should I have during pregnancy?
You should have 4 to 5 meals a day. It is very important to have a regular eating rhythm: the ideal is to have 3 meals of equal energy supply and 1 or 2 light meals.
>> Why is it so important to eat fruit and vegetables during pregnancy?
Fruit and vegetables are important because they provide fibres and vitamins from group B. Moreover, they are essential for the energetic metabolism and for the immune defence system. They also provide minerals, trace elements, vitamins A and C and polyphenols.
>> What about if I am vegetarian?
It is not a problem if you only ban meat, eventually fish and that you still eat egg and milk products. This way, your intake of protein will be sufficient. However, if you are a vegan and banish all animal products, you might have nutritional deficiencies.
>> Do some food favour the production of breast-milk?
Yes. First of all, water helps milk production. Moreover, it is also favoured by brewer's yeast or vegetable protein (oat flakes, corn meal).
>> Can toxoplasmosis be transmitted by animals?
Yes, especially by cats. Therefore, as long as you are not immunised against toxoplasmosis, it is advised to avoid any contact with cats.
>> What is the probability to be immunized against toxoplasmosis?
60 to 80% of women are safe from the infection as they have already been in contact with the parasite. The doctor asks for an analysis at the beginning of pregnancy to check if you are immunised.
>> Which food do I have to separate in my fridge to limit the risk to get listeriosis?
First, you need to separate raw food from cooked or ready-to-eat food. It is also advised to clean your fridge regularly, in average once a week.
>> Can I be on a diet just after birth?
No, your body needs to regenerate and recover from tiredness. Therefore, you have to renew your reserves with vitamins, minerals, fibres, proteins and fats of good quality.

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