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Food to avoid and to ban

Food to avoid and to ban when you are pregnant by Babybio

When you are pregnant you should avoid certain foods:

Tea and coffee

They respectively contain theine and caffeine that are stimulants that can cause palpitations to the foetus when consumed excessively..
Moreover, tea disturbs the assimilation of iron by the organism. It is therefore not recommended when you lack iron, especially if your doctor has prescribed you iron supplements.

Food to ban during pregnancy:

Some foods should be completely banished from your diet. Indeed, they can for instance be responsible of a malformation of the foetus or seriously complicate your pregnancy.


It comes through the placenta and can create a dependence from the foetus. It also causes a risk of spontaneous abortion.

Food carrier of toxoplasmosis

Raw or too shortly cooked meat and badly washed vegetables.
If a pregnant woman is not immunized against toxoplasmosis, it can cause foetal malformations, a miscarriage, or even the foetus's death.

Food carrier of listeriosis

It is also recommended not to eat the following products:
raw milk products (fresh milk, raw-milk cheeses...). Prefere pasteurized or sterilized milk or cheeses
charcuterie (raw ham, rillettes, pâté...)
shellfish, raw seafood, raw fish
smoked fish, surimi, taramasalata

Last but not least, a pregnant woman should wash her hands regularly (especially before cooking) and always peel fruit and vegetables before eating them.

A bacteria called listeria can cause listeriosis. This disease which is detected by a slightly high temperature can cause a miscarriage or a premature birth together with several disorders (breething, neurological...).

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